Ascending: The 2020 Stamps Senior Exhibition

Ascending: The 2020 Stamps School Senior Exhibition features work in a range of media by graduating BA, BFA, and Interarts Performance students.

In December 2019, students selected the exhibition title Ascending to reflect their commitment to the ongoing process of creating elevated work. The title can also serve to honor the many ways that students rose to the unprecedented challenges of creating exhibition-ready, transdisciplinary work in the midst of a global pandemic.

This digital exhibition is a celebration of the process, work, and creative fortitude of the Stamps Class of 2020.

Student Work

Justine Abbo

Bamboo Boats

Maya Adler

What's Good, New York

Lizzy Albinson

A Suspension of Space and Time

Calla Beers

Extirpated Organisms of Michigan

Summer Benton

Pairs Well With: An Autobiographical Cookbook

Jacob Bergen

White Indian 2020

Fee Christoph

Personalized Employee Praise (PEP)

Danielle DeMarco

Hatcher Graduate Library

Kaili Dence


Ophelia Deng

Food For Talk

Violet Dine

Your AI Companion

Alexandra Eason

History through a Florida Estuary

David Forsee

An Artifact from the Collapse

Marjorie Gaber

Beautiful Morning, Beautiful Day

Yinuo Han

86 Billion

Sophie Hochwald

Journeys with BRCA

Cassie Hoisington

Reflections: You are...

Miles Honey

Kitten Tenders

Maite Iribarren

Corrective Devices for an Idealized Family Structure as per the 1975 Cuban Family Code

Megan Jones

Horizon Birds

Mackenzie King

Grown from Sustainable Futures

Emily Koffsky

Know Your Worth

Jack Kornet

Wellnest Skills & Insights

Natalie Kraepel

i think my computer is haunted

Katie Lacroix

Chicago's Education Landscape: Co-Liberating Chicago's Youth

Dakota Lewis

Visual Learning / Studio_1201

Shengyuan Liu

Ubiquitous Commonality: Design in Daily Objects

Rachel London

I wait at the edge of Moscow

Alyssa Lopatin

The Wonder I Forgot

Bechara Maalouf

But first, Coffee

Joseph Mandel

Beverly in Wheelchair

Hanzhang Mao

Sophia and the Orange Planet

Demetrius Markham

Running in the Rain

Reed Marting

Judy, Lisa, Leslie, Reed & Drew

Stefanie Matza

Manufacturing a Consumer Culture Through Materialism and Consumerism

Katerina Meidanis

The Conflict Resolution Table

Lil Minnette

my mother raised a wolf

Emily Murdoch

New Creature: Evolved

Patrick Nair

Detroit Ultras

Natalie Nye

150 Years of Bananas and People

Abby Olsen

Food Chain

Shreya Patel

Wait, What Did You Say?

Jason Pi

Memory Donation Center

Sam Plouff

The Security of Sustenance: the Resilience of Local Food Systems in a Time of Crisis

Alana Rhodin

To-Day: Designing Habit

Morgan Salvano

sneakher culture

Sarah Schade

Farm Stories

Roy Schmidt

Relative Suffering

Brittany Seekell

Botany Bub: Modern Children's Decor

Liana Smale

Playing with Fire

Chul Hyun Son

2050's Road Confusion

Jenna Tanner

What Do You Stand For? Brand Campaign

Amanda Bonilla Taylor

Rethinking the CCTC: Central Campus Transit Center

Erin Wakeland

What are you Looking at?

Isabelle Wilson

Under Deconstruction: High Maintenance Required

Laine Yamano

Origin Brewing

Lena Yang

Me, You, & the Missing Elephant