Fee Christoph

BFA in Interarts Performance

Personalized Employee Praise (PEP)

PEP is a satirical proposal for a holistic emotional management tool for the modern workplace. The work can be found at worklifepep.com. Viewers can sign up for accompanying live virtual video performances at worklifepep.com/sign-up and peek behind the facade by toggling the switch in the menu bar.

Deployed as a network of neural interfaces worn by all employees, PEP is designed to act as a set of system-based personal assistants and one-on-one environmental mitigators. Drawing on the linguistic and aesthetic vocabulary of startups and big tech company culture, PEP’s website invites the viewer to fall into a near-future sci-fi reality where a company with a “proudly interdisciplinary team” can promise a product with the potential for so much good, but embedded with so much harm.

PEP asks how far we will allow the tech-centered optimization of workplace productivity to creep into the interpersonal, emotional realm.

Welcome to PEP’s website landing page!

PEP is all about aligning intention with impact.

Detail of PEP’s website landing page (1).

PEP bridges science, engineering, and social engagement.

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PEP is built for personalization and data analysis at all levels.

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PEP is deployed as a system of networked SEND nodes. Each employee’s SEND node contains a personalized PEP hub.

Detail of PEP’s website “How PEP Works” page.

Each PEP hub comes with its own personalized PEP assistant, ready to take a load off your plate so that you can get back to work!

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You can reskin your personalized PEP assistant to take any form you please. Your assistant is also your personal therapist. How handy!

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PEP is every manager’s dream, complete with an entire tool suite for data analysis.

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PEP extends beyond the office, so managers can finally reward their employees for all the work they do to stay at their peak.

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Sometimes it’s not meant to be. PEP provides support to help ex-employees move on to the next stage of their purpose-driven careers.

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