Your AI Companion

This project examines communication and connection between humans and AI, specifically through the lens of an imagined dystopian near-future. This piece exists in 2027, day 2451 of quarantine. All human contact is now illegal, and people have taken to building and distributing non-human companions. One such device is this cube, which is home to a conversational AI chatbot, meant to keep you company with conversation during these isolated times. Its fleshy exterior is meant to remind you of the intimacy of human touch, and its conversational skills, while rudimentary, will surely alleviate any loneliness. Furthermore, its lack of conversational empathy and understanding, and lack of a familiar human form will be a helpful reminder of its status of AI—not human. With the human tendency to become attached, even fall in love with similar devices in the past, these modifications have become necessary to prevent further insanity.

Cast silicone
10″ x 10″ x 10″
Front view. Created by molding different parts of my body, casting them in silicone, and sewing them together to create this vessel.

Angle view.

Back view.

Excerpts of previous conversations with the chatbot.