Megan Jones

BFA in Art & Design

Horizon Birds

The installation Horizon Birds tests how confronting mortality can alleviate the effects of death anxiety. The work uses motifs of birds and landscapes to illustrate the mental and physical migrations we undergo to carry on the journeys of those before us. In a collection of writing fragments, photography, and egg tempera painting, I’ve built a space for quiet reflection.

Megan Jones
Now I can’t go there alone, 2020
Egg Tempera on Canvas

Detail of “Now I Can’t go There Alone”
Egg Tempera

My canvas had a previous owner and was a little worn when I got it. Instead of painting over the marks and scratches with gesso, I embellished them with a deep blue. Across the composition, these marks influence the light and shadows. Everything travels. Injuries mark the moments that make these migrations worthwhile.

Birds on the Horizon Installation

As I researched, I responded to what I learned with fragments of phrases, sketches, beginnings of stories, the ends of poems. I collected these bits and pinned them to the wall. In striving to understand how death controls my actions, I built an environment for resting and thinking.

Megan Jones
Resting after the long flight, 2019

Page from Horizon Line Crows

A bits of writing, sketches, and photographs that collected during production.