Laine Yamano

BFA in Art & Design

Origin Brewing

Beer connects us across different times, places, and spaces. It has long been a beverage that binds people together and fosters a real community of shared interests, culture, memories, and good design. Beer also has a more hidden, complicated past than what is commonly known. From celebrated goddesses, to ancient female brewers, to witches, to male dominated commercial brewing, beer and brewing has a long history in which women have played a significant role.

I created Origin Brewing Co., a brand that strives to bring the significance of women in brewing to the forefront, challenge gendered perceptions of beer, and celebrate our contributions to the beer world. The history of brewing beer and the role women played, has long been overlooked. Interweaving unique histories, communities, and stories, Origin is a collective that welcomes and praises women’s place in the beer world. By sharing our stories, we make a beverage that finds a place amongst your own enduring memories with the people that mean the most.