Maya Adler

BFA in Interarts Performance

What's Good, New York

What’s Good, New York is an app that will change the way you experience New York City. Brought to you by a culture hungry New York City local, the app allows you to discover the hidden gems, the holes in the wall, and the diamonds in the rough. It’s like your cool ass friend who tells you where to shop, eat, dance, drink, spend time, and live.    Unlike the myriad of platforms available about NYC, my thesis project aims to create a mobile app that enables users to see and find places that are carefully curated and vetted by locals like myself. The app is particularly designed for early 20’s who often visit NYC and desire for very authentic, local NYC information that may not be available on most commercialized services like Google Maps or Yelp. Through this app, I hope to provide users not only a real local experience in NYC but also tailored information to individuals through providing recommendations that come from others who are similar ages and have the same interests and sensibilities.

Welcome to your preview of What’s Good, New York: the app.

WGNYC: the home page.

WGNYC: maps.

WGNYC: searching.

WGNYC: your guide.

WGNYC: notifications.