Kaili Dence

BFA in Art & Design


Raised in the mountains of Utah, I gained an early appreciation for wildlife and natural habitats. My senior project explores de-extinction, also known as resurrection biology. This fairly new science seeks to bring back select charismatic extinct species to restore biodiversity. De-extinctis presents 3 large oil paintings. The triptych lays out a compelling visual narrative that ends with my view of a future dystopian landscape resulting from limited conservation resources being redirected to an unpredictable, unproven science. It is primarily painted in the style of realism but employs elements of fantasy and symbolism. I used a variety of tools which allowed me to create interesting textures. The work hopes to educate and inspire individuals to become engaged conservation stakeholders.

Kaili Dence
De-extinctis, 2020
Triptych – Oil on canvas
Individual paintings 7 x 7 feet