Sophia Hullinger

BFA in Art & Design

Ocracy: Part 1

Ocracy: Part 1 is the first act of a three part stop-motion that follows the journey of a peculiar woman from a peculiar society of long-armed people who unintentionally encounters another peculiar society made up of inhabitants whose arms happen to be peculiar in a different sort of way. Both groups have weird arms and both groups rely on a dwindling amount of fruit to survive. Part 1 of the piece depicts the physical interactions of the long-armed Kloo people as they go about their intricate process of harvesting a single fruit. It’s this fruit that sets in motion the causes for shocking changes to the main character’s body, environment, and company that she keeps. Parts 2 and 3 will be released Summer of 2020 on both Vimeo and my website,

Ocracy: Part 1

Still from “Ocracy: Part 1” (2020). Our main character busts out of a fallen log.

Still from “Ocracy: Part 1” (2020). The job of this Kloo man is to taste test the juice that has been squeezed from the arms of the fellow Kloo.

Still from “Ocracy: Part 1” (2020). Moment of self-mourning for our main character.