Justine Abbo

BFA in Art & Design

Bamboo Boats

Bamboo Boats confronts throwaway culture by using materials with a low carbon footprint. My research defines sustainability within a product based on material choice and craft. Bamboo is fast-growing, durable, and eco-friendly. Typically, bamboo is a material substitute for plastic, but with delicate design and careful craft, Bamboo Boats gives an artisan look to an inexpensive, eco-friendly material. With its collapsible form, Bamboo Boats is interactive and space-efficient. It can perform as a basket, a bowl, and can even fit in a purse. Bamboo Boats merges ideas for sustainable and slow consumerism into minimalist, biophilic serverware to use in the home. The bamboo sticks are carefully soaked, planed, and steam-bent to create the curves. Simply fan out the sticks by hand to create a beautiful 3-dimensional bowl.