Ali Mahoney

BFA in Art & Design

A New Game

With the world anticipating the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, it is an appropriate time to bring the impacts of the Games to light. There are some positives for cities who host the Olympics: job creation, increased tourism, worldwide attention. But I believe the negatives heavily outweigh these: militarized police, displacement of at-risk communities, threat to democracy, environmental damage, economic turmoil. In my project, I created a system of design materials including a poster series, website, and booklet in order to educate viewers about the negative consequences of hosting the Olympic Games. It is specifically focused on the Los Angeles 2028 Games due to the fact that it is eight years away, so there is ample time to make tangible change to protect vulnerable Angeleno lives.

Poster on over-policing

Poster on lack of public input

Poster on displacement

Poster on spending priorities

Website home page

Watch this video for a website walkthrough.

Project booklet