Charlotte Cardon

BFA in Art & Design

Project Lazarus

Why do we hunger for nature? What does it mean that we attempt to control and conquer it yet also escape into its serene embrace in order to regain a sense of a genuine life and humanity? These are questions that drive me in my artistic pursuit to answer our complicated and hypocritical modern relationship with emotional escapism into nature and the digital realm. 

Project Lazarus is an outdoor, interactive Visual Novel experience that explores the dystopian story of four characters in their conflicting relationship with nature and technology and how they emotionally resonate in response to an immersive emulation of both lifestyles. It aims to create an unconventional outdoor video-game-playing experience for the audience in which they are prompted to question their own conflicting emotional responses to the juxtaposition of these two immersive interactions within nature and digital/virtual technology. It tells this futurist story from multiple perspectives, illuminating the different outcomes we can pave for ourselves as we imagine now how we want to live in the distant future--as apathetic cyborgs or emotionally enriched humans struggling to survive in the wilderness.

Outdoor Nature Interactive Exhibition Set Up

Interaction with Visual Novel in Outdoor Interactive Natural Exhibition

Outdoor Nature Interactive Experience Set Up at Bonfire

Nature Interactive Experience at Bonfire, Contrast Between Outdoor Elements and Laptop

Interacting with Visual Novel in Outdoor Nature Experience Next to Bonfire

Project Lazarus Visual Novel: Natural Living Demonstration Scene Between Two Characters

Project Lazarus Visual Novel: Tower Scenery with Four Main Characters

Project Lazarus Visual Novel: Multiple Choice Selection from Cyborg Characters

Short Sneak Peek of Project Lazarus Visual Novel in Demonstrated Outdoor Interactive Experience

Complete Project Lazarus Visual Novel Gameplay