Evie Yang

BFA in Art & Design


This redesigned waste bin helps integrate a mindset of sustainability into modern living while also providing a source of greenery. It provides a quick, easy, and elegant answer to issues surrounding waste management, while the highlighting of waste classification helps remind users of their commitment to being environmentally aware.

This waste management unit helps simplify the recycling process while minimizing the use of space through modular units that help separate and classify waste. The three stackable units avoid the need of having three separate (traditional units): compostables, landfill garbage, and recyclables. The compost bin and self-watering planter use food scraps to fertilize the greenery becoming a truly circular system that uses waste to minimize the maintenance of greenery.

Product Logo of Ecobin.

The front view rendering of Ecobin, showing the stackable design of three separable units. The top unit is constructed with a self-watering planter and removable compost bin. The middle unit is for landfill waste. And the lowest unit is for recyclables. The simple form makes it ideal to fit into every corner where you can stack it up or separate it into parts as your waste calls.

The side view rendering of Ecobin. The compost bin has a flip-up lid to open. The landfill and recyclable waste units are open with a push and pull.

The top view rendering of Ecobin, showing the detail of the top unit, including the compost bin and the planter. The compost bin is removable from the main units. The self-watering planter can turn food scraps into fertilizer for the greenery.

The top view rendering.

Three views of the Ecobin.

Video showing how each compartment functions.

Scenario mocking pictures showing the scale of Ecobin.

The User personas, which based on user research to represent the 4 user types that might use Ecobin. According to different users’ needs, experiences, behavior and goals, Ecobin is able to develop with more essential features and cater to a broader range of customers.

Analysis of market positioning and conducting user research.