Alexandria Pompei

BFA in Art & Design


21 is an immersive photography installation that visualizes depictions of unresolved feelings based on events from Alexandria’s childhood. The body of work is comprised of 21, 8”x10” black and white self portrait photographs. The presented work is a visual combination of inner thoughts and the physical reality of traumatic experiences in the artist’s childhood. Each photograph is illuminated by vintage hanging light bulbs programmed to illuminate varyingly every 4 minutes for 30 seconds around the exhibition. The creation of a quiet and dark installation encourages viewers to walk about the space to experience each photograph spontaneously with the unpredictable nature of the fading lights. Devoid of captions, 21 allows the audience to take in the photographs under their own accord—whether that be a realization of the silent presence of mental health struggles among individuals or the photographs serving as their own form of art therapy.

The complete set of 21 photographs making up 21.

A frame on display is illuminated by a programmed vintage hanging light bulb.

Future designs for an ideal installation of 21. The project would live within a 22-sided polygon room. Each side measures 40”. On 21 of the sided walls a nail hanging 11” x 14” wooden black matted frame would hold an 8” x 10” photograph. Each photograph has its own hanging light 1’ above and 1’ away from the photograph. The lights cords would hang in an organized jumble similar to a spider web, all connected to smart plugs from the pitched ceiling.