Lil Minnette

BFA in Art & Design

my mother raised a wolf

“My mother raised a wolf to become her (but I grew up to be an English major)” is the full title of this integrative comic project, the culmination of a lengthy investigation into scattered themes of divinity, responsibility, and the spiraling feeling that nothing is under your control. This 14-page comic peeks into the wandering narrative of the wolf-girl Winnie and her unnamed mother, in the lineage of capricious, destructive and extremely powerful forces that are not born of the world – they just live in it. Despite the earth-shattering power the characters inherit and wield, they are conscripted into roles and routines that they must continue to play out for no other stated reason than “that it must be.”

16-page comic, originally executed in pen on paper. 8″x5″.

Final comic cover image.

Initial studies for “my mother raised a wolf”.

Initial studies for “my mother raised a wolf”.