Molly Bokor

BFA in Art & Design


Emerge is a publication curated and designed specifically for emerging adults, which I define as a generation gap between Millennials and Gen-Z. Emerge seeks to understand and explore this generation gap through examining how emerging adults seek and consume information. Generations have defined our culture and values as they have become more solidified over the years. Although many products and sources of information are designed and curated for defined generations, there has yet been no effort made to define or examine the generation gap. This creates a lack of substantial and reliable information that is curated for emerging adults. Based on findings from user research, Emerge addresses the information needs of emerging adults, such as specific stories, experiences, and inspiration from those who belong to the generation gap. Of course, anyone can view and enjoy this publication, but this gives an undefined generation the chance to read work that has been created for them based on their own requests.