Cassie Hoisington

BFA in Art & Design

Reflections: You are...

Reflections: You areā€¦ is a series of self portraits that distort my image and deny identification. My work explores how the Self is defined when the anchor of the mirror is removed. Without a reflection to ground it, the Self no longer becomes defined by the ego but instead by its surroundings. The figure in each image has been warped beyond recognition, and the line between it and its environment is pushed to its limit. By using resin, I force the viewer to confront their own warped reflection. Their anchor is removed and all the viewer can do is float within the sea of the painting. The reflection becomes something indefinite and unreliable; the concept of the individual is made unsteady.

In the Salon
Oil on canvas

In the Studio
Oil on canvas, resin

In the Shower
Oil on canvas, resin

In an Empty Space
Oil on canvas

Initial Reflection
Oil on canvas, resin, monoprint ink

Outside in Spring
Oil on canvas