2050's Road Confusion

The Automotive industry claimed that the Fully Autonomous Vehicles are the true solution to the road issues today by reducing human errors. Driverless era will indeed come, however, as long as the whole world does not get rid of the old cars and change them to full Autonomous vehicles in a day or so on the road, the danger still exists. I've assumed a scenario that when Fully, Partially Autonomous, and Manually cars are driven by people at the same time, it will cause a serious confusion on the road. This project is about the road confusion that would occur in the near future due to the advent of Autonomous Vehicles on the road. It suggests a potential solution to this issue and shows how the drivers and pedestrians will react to it.

2050’s full shot view of the whole urban environment.

It was designed by considering the set to be in an environment with a huge population flow. It has residential areas, a mall, and a parking building near the main intersection in order to narrate the scenario.

A collection of images of the urban environment made by Rhino and rendered by Vray.

This is intended to show the details of the produced work. I will advance my IP project based on this, for instance, a new concept idea will be created on a different intersection.

2050’s concept cars – Fully Autonomous Car

The fully autonomous and partially vehicle are designed based on my assumption of the future that unused parts of the cars will disappear and thus the cars will be designed minimalistic.
The cars maximize the vehicle interior space as people will be less interacting with the steering wheel.

2050’s concept cars – Partially Autonomous Car

The first scene shows a moment when both partially and fully autonomous cars are about to interact.

When an interaction occurs, the oled screen changes from the license plate to an autonomous features icon lists by detecting what is near the car.

Fully autonomous vehicle’s oled screen changes to the license plate display because it has lost the track of the partially autonomous car.

However, the back oled screen of the partially autonomous vehicle does the opposite because there is a chance for the other vehicle to make a right.

When both vehicles are at a certain distance, they lose the track and the oled screens go back to its’ normal stage, the license plate.

This is because the license plate will still be important on the road as the city/government has to track and identity cars with the cameras for any circumstances.

The image demonstrates the behaviour of the pedestrians on the crosswalk.

As people cross the road, pedestrians will be able to easily be aware of the type of car and its function.