Hollyann Stewart

BA in Art & Design

Microscopic Magic

Microscopic Magic investigates the relationships between objects of various sizes and pushes the boundaries of what can be thought of as a traditional biological specimen. Microscopes are tools that provide new perspectives and enable us to see the unseen. The combination of microscopy and photography can transform any common object into a surreal landscape of unfamiliarity. By providing a fresh perspective on everyday objects, this work prompts viewers to use their imagination and make new connections. The project is less about the objects themselves and more about the new perspective and type of thinking that they provoke.

Before reading the captions, the viewer is encouraged to make hypotheses about what the objects may be, as well as how they might relate to other things.

Grains of rice and salt. Dissection Microscope.

Dried flake of oil paint. Light microscope.

Snow melting. Dissection microscope.

Rag from a painter’s studio. Light microscope.

Nerds candy. Dissection microscope.

Wood chip. Dissection microscope.