Brittany Seekell

BFA in Art & Design

Botany Bub: Modern Children's Decor

Botany Bub is a children’s decor brand curated with naturally dyed and up-cycled fabrics. I have used this past year to educate myself on sustainable textiles and decided to blend my love for interior design, natural dyes and being an aunt into a collection for kids to learn, imagine and play. This collection consists of a naturally dyed quilt with interactive components to engage children with plants in an imaginative way and learn about the shocking hues that come from the fruits and veggies that they eat. Stuffed sculptures and a throw blanket accompany the collection along with a storybook intended to teach the reader about where the plant pigments come from. My process included natural dyeing techniques, sewing, hand quilting and screen printing. The aesthetic of my collection is gender-neutral in order to keep its educational purposes at the forefront.

Watch this video to experience the Botany Bub Collection with designer, Brittany Seekell.

Learn more about natural dye and magical foods with this children’s book, “From Farm to Friends”, written by Brittany Seekell.