Kevin Moore Jr.

BFA in Art & Design


Bro’s Voicemail is an animated story about communication between siblings being hindered due to the complications that come from one of the siblings' mental illness. After an important hospital visit, Jay ignores his brother's calls and is visited by "Phish" an imaginary character created by both Jay and his brother. "Phish" will encourage his creators to get along, but is welcomed with the unfortunate weight from Jay's emotional reactions. It's an endeavor between the benefit of communication and difficulties with managing the effect of the mind of a young black man.

Animation for the film “Voicemail”, presenting the inner feelings of the man in relation to his sibling.

Image of the characters Jay and Phish which highlight their relationship and similar design.

Design of the character “Jay” whose design evokes a sense of being upset or sad. Designed after my own image.

The design and expression of the character “Trawma” featured toward the end of the film. If I were to return to this film, I would enjoy elaborating on this design.

Character turn and full design of the imaginary character “Phish” who symbolizes guidance.