Edward Cohen

BFA in Art & Design


ROVE is a brand that up-cycles pre-consumer textile waste (PCTW) to create rethought and impactful products. PCTW is a material waste category that gets disposed of by manufacturers after a production run because it is not cost efficient to use. We used PCTW from local manufacturers to create the first ROVE product--a backpack. ROVE’s research and development strives to advance the future of sustainable production by giving designers and manufacturers insight into the process of upcycling PCTW. ROVE products will be moderately priced, durable, and incorporate current visual trends, appealing to a large audience. The backpack you see in the following images is a final handmade prototype but not yet a fully market- ready product. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our manufacturer was unable to realize production of the backpack. The ROVE manufacturing process will resume once it is possible and safe to do so.