Daniel Drew

BFA in Art & Design


You are awoken at 4:00 AM. There are two burley men standing in front of you. They tell you that they’re going to take you away. You’re being sent to boarding school. One of them pulls you out of bed as you catch a glimpse of the other demanding your parents stay in their room. You are thrown into a van. They tell you that it won’t be so bad. But ahead of you lies an 18-hour 2-day-long car right, and beyond that, a dangerous cult completely isolated from the rest of society. This is how a child is taken to The Elan School. I will be creating a graphic novel in order to explore the psychological implications of cult-like rehabilitation programs and boarding schools, and to humanize and relate to the people affected. This project is important because it challenges the alienation of individual participants in a cult, and it confronts people with the impossible circumstances of some of these programs.