Morgan Salvano

BFA in Art & Design

sneakher culture

Sneaker culture draws on many different aspects of modern society — athletics, music, fashion, celebrities — but it also influences these categories, making it a cornerstone of today’s social and commercial environment. While conducting research, I noticed a glaring flaw: the underrepresentation and unequal treatment of women.

sneakher culture is an infographic series in the form of a single, digital document. The information is categorized into eight main topics within sneaker culture, but all aspects focus on the discrimination against women. By utilizing the iconic symbol of the sneaker, I approached the timeless issue of gender inequality from a different perspective. In today’s media, one can find an abundance of information about the misrepresentation of women, so much so that this topic often becomes white noise. This provided the opportunity to capture viewers’ attention and to direct it to something important that they might have otherwise ignored: women’s inequality.

sneakher culture, 2020
adobe illustrator

to download and view the full infographic series, click here

digital booklet outlining visual and descriptive progress work throughout the lifetime of my project