Yinuo Han

BFA in Art & Design

86 Billion

86 Billion is a physical environment-turned-virtual (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) installation of the human brain. Inside a cubed space is a sculpture installation of neurons made with mirrors, wire and foil paper. The neurons fill the space, connecting with one another and the space. The installation is positioned so that each mirror of each neuron reflects the viewer’s face. Inside the cube, mirrors on the ceiling and two sides of the cube produce numerous reflections, resulting in the cubed space appearing to be infinitely large. Behind the frosted glass layer in the rear, there are shadows of more neurons with programmed addressable LED lights demonstrating the action potential traveling through the neurons.

86 Billion invites viewers to assume the perspective of a neuron in its universe––the brain as a parallel to how our human universe is experienced by us. In this installation, the neurons of the brain inhabit an experiential space. You, the viewer, become the neurons.