Marjorie Gaber

BFA in Art & Design

Beautiful Morning, Beautiful Day

Beautiful Morning, Beautiful Day is a 40+ page magical realist/autofiction comic about grief, strength, and cowgirls. The story follows a young woman, Marj, as she navigates the despair she feels in the advent of her grandmother’s death, learns to love the musical Oklahoma through her grandmother’s illness, meets a magical horse in a hospice bathroom, and learns that to be a real cowgirl is to be able to be strong for the people you love in the face of immovable circumstances. I was inspired to create this story when, on the last day I saw my grandmother alive, in the middle of my own bout of despair, a woman told me I was dressed like a cowgirl and I felt oddly better.

The final digital comic.

Ideation pictures.

Project Beginnings, writing and doodle stage from the Summer, utilized in the Winter.

Cowboy Thoughts, more in-line with project beginnings over its end point.

Writing about Queens and Cowboys: A Straight Year on the Gay Rodeo, and queer families/survival. Ties into Reclamation of the Cowboy.

Thoughts about Greek Myths reappropriated into cowgirl/boy/frontier stories (including: The Minotaur, Medusa, Medea, and Phaedra).

Sample from book.

Risograph sample page.