Mackenzie King

BA in Art & Design

Grown from Sustainable Futures

Grown from Sustainable Futures explores ecofeminism, representations of the female nude, material ecology, and the human’s planetary impact, with a life-sized sculpture made from mycelium: a biodegradable material from the vegetative part of fungi. Inspired by Ana Mendieta’s earth body sculptures and Neri Oxman’s Mediated Matter research group, Mackenzie King explores her form born from new substance. The biodegradable sculpture of her own figure captures a personal connection to our changing planet. By pushing the boundaries of contemporary materials, she investigates her responsibility as an artist to design more sustainable futures. Engaging with materials that grow and decompose as organisms, re-engages our relationship with inanimate objects by giving them new life. Grown from Sustainable Futures has involved challenge, discovery, and failure. However, practices like these make us stronger, smarter, and more connected to the things that we make. This project was funded by ArtsEngine, Arts at Michigan, and Program in the Environment.

Artist Mackenzie King, with her self-sculpture.

Listen to Mackenzie King talk about making Grown from Sustainable Futures.