What Do You Stand For? Brand Campaign

My IP project, the What Do You Stand For? brand campaign, was created on the basis of gender inequality that women face in their professional environments, specifically sports. The campaign's goal is to both bring awareness to this discrimination that women face within the sport industry, as well as represent a completely original brand through graphic and marketing collateral. This brand campaign focuses on two target audiences: 1) viewers engaging with sports that are not aware of the inequality female athletes face, and 2) young, female athletes entering the environment. I want to stress that no one gender is superior in any context; they should be treated as equals. Across the globe, female athletes have been standing up to make this topic heard; will you stand up, too?

What Do You Stand For? Brand Campaign

The process for this campaign began with looking for inspiration, creating a visual mood board and diving into research. I knew there was a foundational problem of inequality that women face within society, but I wanted to find hard facts to base the project around. After reading countless articles, I was affirmed that this is a larger problem than I had previously anticipated. I decided to direct my efforts to a brand campaign that brought awareness to female inequality, specifically within sports.

This poster series features female athletes and primary messaging of the brand campaign. Each poster highlights real issues that these athletes have faced and spoken out about. Though this is a hypothetical campaign, these athletes serve as brand ambassadors with strong voices in the space to bring awareness to viewers.

The illustrated poster series adds a minimalistic touch to the campaign. Each illustrated poster coincides with an athlete in the photo series and her sport. They are also used in various ways throughout the project supporting the overall visual branding.

To further engage WDYSF’s audience, there is branded merchandise. These are physical pieces of the brand that its audience would be able to actually interact with, such as sweatshirts and t-shirts. Both of these are available in the RedBubble link provided above.

This billboard serves as marketing/promotional collateral to elevate the voice of the brand. It uses strong messaging to members of the target audience that may not be engaging with the brand on other platforms.

Since this brand campaign isn’t just physical, and much of its target audience would be on social media, Instagram would be a great way to engage with viewers. This is an example of what this social media could look like.

Here is an example of what some featured posts would like like on the brand’s Instagram.

These are brand stickers that would encourage engagement with the campaign and its brand messaging. This sticker pack can be purchased at the RedBubble link provided above.

This is a close-up of the brand stickers, in addition to a larger variety. This sticker pack can be purchased at the RedBubble link provided above.