sometimes, something: the 2020 MFA Thesis Exhibition

sometimes something, the 2020 MFA Thesis Exhibition, brings together culminating projects by second-year graduate students, Sally Clegg, Kim Karlsrud, Erin McKenna, and Abhishek Narula.

In December 2019, MFA students selected the exhibition title sometimes something to reflect their exploration of the non-binary, the knowledge found in sitting with ambiguity without judgement or assignment. This title can also serve as an important point of reflection and consideration as we grapple with the new unknowns introduced by the global pandemic.

This exhibition originally opened at Stamps Gallery on March 13, 2020 but was closed after only a few days due to pandemic-related state-wide closures. While there may be a summer 2020 extension of this exhibition, this digital celebration offers a glimpse into the process, work, and resilience of our graduating MFA students.

Thesis Work

Sally Clegg


Erin McKenna

finding the shape of the overlap

Abhishek Narula

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