Gowri Balasubramaniam

MDes in Integrative Design

Gowri is a multidisciplinary designer from India. After completing her Bachelor's Degree in Textile Design from the prestigious National Institute of Design, Gowri worked at Trident India Ltd, a one billion dollar conglomerate with forays into home textiles, paper, energy, and education. Her position as a business developer backed with her roots in design enabled her to experience outcomes of cross-disciplinary collaboration first hand. Moreover, it helped her realize the importance of collaborative problem-solving.

Over the course of her education, she has successfully undertaken field and ethnographic studies arising from her interest in deep-rooted Indian craft practices, visual history, and culture. She conducted a visual anthropologic study of the indigenous people of the Kathmandu valley in Nepal and as part of her thesis project, she also conducted a field study at Champa, a raw-silk producing region in central India, to document its indigenous practice. This method of working and engaging in experiences encouraged her to develop an eye for inspecting a problem from multiple perspectives and contexts.

Gowri is interested in design research, strategy, and human systems. At Stamps, she hopes working collaboratively in interdisciplinary teams will help her address complex multicultural issues of our times and learn from her peers in the immersive process. Gowri is keen on nurturing experiences integrating the environment as a dynamic entity challenging one's process instead of being an inactive backdrop.