Yuki Obayashi

BFA in Art & Design

Chosen Skin

Chosen Skin is a series of three handmade patchwork jackets that are designed to reflect Vitiligo, Psoriasis, and severe acne. Through embroidery, hand stitched patterning, and dyed fabric, the rashes, bumps, and discoloration that make up these skin conditions are materialized onto three pieces of outerwear. Each jacket is accompanied by personal stories told from individuals who experience these conditions firsthand. These narratives invite the wearer to learn about the psychological implications of living with a skin condition that is not entirely understood or widely accepted. The jackets are shot in a natural environment and are worn by models whose identities are kept ambiguous. The forms on the jackets are created with subtle allusions to nature. Variances and flaws, although beautiful in nature, are often subject to judgement and ridicule when they exist on our own bodies. The viewer, however, is encouraged to see the blemishes and imperfections that exist on both the skin and in the natural world through the same, constructive lens.