Sara Carrier

BFA in Art & Design


I admire and appreciate the historical tradition of Japanese papermaking which entails hours of preparation and allows for little miscalculation. Papermaking requires a keen sense of touch and an ability to feel the correct balance of additives, fiber and water. The culmination of craft is represented in Pulp through an installation of selected objects that are displayed in the same home in which I created them. Pulp expresses my dedication to the medium of paper and to the formation of an imagined setting where negative and positive space are at play with handmade forms that break from predictable flatness and ascend into light-weight dimensionality. To notice the forms singularly at one moment and then all together in the next enables viewers to navigate this work of art and craft with fresh eyes.
Front view of multiple paper objects. Differing depths. Floating Forms. Cool tones. Surreal Reality.

Room 1

Upwards view of multiple paper objects. Warm tones. Surreal reality.

Room 2

Upward Angled View of multiple paper objects. Pale tones. Angelic Lighting. Surreal Reality.

Room 3

Front view of multiple layered floating paper objects. Cool tones. Soft lighting. Surreal Reality.

View 1

Angled view of multiple floating paper objects. Circular objects and motion. Red and white palette. Surreal Reality.

View 2

Front landscape view. Dramatic lighting. Multiple floating paper forms, mostly circular in shape. White and yellow palette. High contrast. Surreal reality.