Elise Robinson

BA in Art & Design

A full year into quarantine and we’re finally ready to release this song. A lot of people accomplished a lot of cool things during this pandemic, especially artists. Entire albums were produced and released, whole collections of paintings were made, and small art businesses got their starts. It took one global pandemic, three break-ups, and four moves across the country, to get this one song somewhere that we liked. This video showcases the better half of my household’s collective mental state over the past few months. A little scattered maybe, but all around a good time. Although I’ve grown up with a recording studio in my house for as long as I can remember, I was solely a visual artist up until this past April. Music always felt kind of inaccessible to me, ironic I know. Collaborating with other creatives on this project has been so challenging in the best way. Making art individually for so long, I had to constantly check my ego but once you’re open and ready to be creative with other people and allow for blending and merging of ideas, you have so many new possibilities. I'm excited to watch how this creative medium affects my life. I think once you fully comprehend that your art doesn’t have to be for other people you can actually enjoy it. I don’t know if I’m there yet but I’m on my way.