Atharva Kharkar

BA in Art & Design

Hello Everyone,

My name is Atharva Kharkar. I took on my love for filmmaking in middle school when I decided to make a film for my seventh grade Social Studies class. The discrete stages of scriptwriting, shooting, editing and screening the films started a flame of passion in my heart. I continued to produce and direct these videos through the different genres of Horror, Thriller, comedy, and documentary.

Today, I can’t be here with you to continue my passion and appreciation for films. I, however, can share the films I have spent countless hours on with you- hoping to inspire, entertain, motivate and capture your attention. So, join me as I showcase the last few pieces of my years with all of you.

Thank you.

This was my life when I was 18.

24 hours in the lifestyle of many different students attending the University of Michigan.
Special thanks to everyone that acted/helped out with this personal project! I tried to reach out to students from many different schools, backgrounds, and lifestyles. It was my first time meeting a lot of these students and it was a great way to learn more about this university.
The toy being used a viewmaster. I thought it’d be a neat way to show a college student’s day in the life.

Music: Super Duper by Ian Post

After a few weeks at The University of Michigan, I’ve finally found out what the true meaning of art is.