Senna Lim

BFA in Art & Design

I accredit my mother for my continuous interest in fashion design and apparel. Some of my most vivid childhood memories include visiting the department store with my mother, greeted by the air-conditioned breeze and smell of new leather, staring up in awe as she would try on tailored suits and silk blouses. Or waiting for a chance to be home alone so I could sneak into her closet and try on her high heeled boots. A graphic designer herself, my mother has played an influential role in my decision to pursue art & design as a career path.

For my project, I’ve created a digital book that captures the essence of the relationship I share with my mother. It explores my childhood memories, her fashion influence, and the conflicts we’ve encountered as I navigated through adulthood. It also showcases the design process behind a series of conceptual garments I’ve created inspired by my flawed relationship, with the purpose of inspiring interaction between its wearers.